Apple Is Still Trying to Sue the Owner of an Independent iPhone Repair Shop

  • Despite initially losing the case last year, Apple is continuing its legal pursuit against the owner of a small, independent iPhone repair shop in Norway.
  • Last year, Apple sued Henrik Huseby, the owner of an independent smartphone repair shop called PCKompaniet in the town of Ski, Norway.
  • Apple sent Huseby a letter notifying him that a shipment of 63 iPhone 6 and 6S screens had been seized by Norwegian customs, and said that he must pay the company $3,566 and admit wrongdoing to avoid being sued.
  • “That’s a letter I would never put my signature on,” Huseby told Motherboard in an email last year.
  • The screens that Huseby purchased were refurbished, he said, and were never advertised as official Apple parts and were thus not counterfeit.

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