Apple says EU tax order ‘defies reality and common sense’

  • The European Union’s order to Apple to pay 13 billion euros (US$14 billion) in back taxes “defies reality and common sense”, the US firm said as the two sides sparred in a case key to the EU’s crackdown on sweetheart deals with multinationals, Reuters reports.
  • The EU executive dismissed the arguments, saying it was not seeking to police international tax laws and accused Ireland of not having done its homework when assessing Apple’s taxes.
  • Based on the facts of this case, the primary line defies reality and common sense,” Beard said.
  • Beard dismissed criticism of the 0.005 percent tax rate paid by Apple’s main Irish unit in 2014, which was cited by the commission in its decision, saying the regulator was just seeking “headlines by quoting tiny numbers”.
  • Ireland said it had been the subject of entirely unjustified criticism and that the Apple tax case was due to a mismatch between the Irish and US tax systems.

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