Apple’s greatest hits: The best Apple stuff ever

  • What made the iPod special was the way it worked, the way it felt, and the way it integrated with iTunes to make music purchasing effortless.
  • Just don’t mention early versions of the Windows app…iBook (1999)The first iBooks took the candy designs of the iMac to produce what we think are the most fun laptops ever designed.
  • You can still see echoes of the G4 in today’s MacBooks and MacBook Pros.iPad (2010)Apple didn’t invent the tablet computer: Microsoft was trying to get people interested in its Tablet PC nearly a decade before.
  • MacBook Air was the first tiny Apple laptop since the 12-inch PowerBook G4, and it was a triumph of engineering.
  • With hindsight the MacBook Air was perhaps a little too portable: for all its incredible thinness, which Steve Jobs hilariously demonstrated by pulling it out of an envelope, getting a laptop that thin involved compromises.

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