Atmos Portable Vacuum Pump review – The Gadgeteer

  • The Atmos Portable Vacuum Pump is an inflation/deflation pump that lets you either pump up a volleyball for a day at the beach or compress clothing to let you carry a single bag to the beach.
  • The port relies on a pressure connection, and the supplied plastic adapter for space bags fits snugly in this port.
  • The needles supplied in my kit fit pretty much any type of sports ball you want to throw at it (pun intended).
  • I plugged the supplied cord into an Anker charging block but could not get the unit to charge – no red light or for that matter, any light at all.
  • Fully drained battery to fully charged using the Anker charger and alternate cable was just under 3 hours.
  • I have found that compression cubes and rolling space bags (the kind where you roll up the bag rather than use a pump to remove the air) yield less wrinkled clothes.

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