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corporate gift

Why Corporate Gift Giving is Good Business All Year (

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  • You may feel as if holiday time is already so hectic that giving corporate gifts on top of all the other end-of-year business and personal responsibilities is a hassle you don’t need.
  • Most are given to major clients, though many businesses also give gifts to employees, prospective clients, and long-time customers.
  • Your business benefits from prudent, well thought-out gift giving in several ways.
  • You should never give corporate gifts during any bidding process (even if the bidding process spans major holidays), and it’s important to avoid gifts that could embarrass the recipient.
  • Gift Giving Etiquette Keep corporate gifts appropriate to the business relationship.
  • Corporate Gift Ideas (

    The possibilities for business gifts are endless, but there are several “go to” gift categories that are almost universally appreciated. For example, gourmet food items are great during the holidays because they can be shared. Wine and top quality cigars can be appropriate gifts for some business relationships as well, but if you’re unsure, it’s better to stick to something more generic. (

    Items for the office, such as calendars, pens, and desk blotters are useful and appreciated, as are tickets to sporting events, movies, or live entertainment. Gift cards are a “safe” choice, but they’re better when accompanied by another tangible gift (like a tin of gourmet nuts). (

    How about you? Did you get or give any business gifts this holiday season? We’d love to hear about some of your favorites. (

    Corporate gift giving is fun, but it’s also a reflection of your business. (

    We hope these short posts provide you with ideas, inspire your efforts, or become a helpful resource. We know that your time is limited and coming up with ideas, finding just the right promotional product, or apparel can be somewhat overwhelming. We hope that some of our ideas or resources will help. Feel free to comment, share your ideas, or tell us that you love something so much you would like a sample or would like us to help with the project! Thanks for your time and consideration. (

    Promotional products are perhaps some of the most popular corporate gifts. (

    Promotional products are perhaps some of the most popular corporate gifts. (

    Imprint Designs and Themes Relevant to the Event

    When you’re looking for gifts to give to the guests at your corporate event, you should be looking for gift options that you can customize with the company’s logo, the event name, or even the something symbolic of the overarching theme of the event. The key is to get a design that accomplishes that goal without being overly promotional. Designs with relevant logos, paintings, or symbols are a great way to evoke a concept without spelling it out. A corporate business gift design for a lawyer?s association, for instance, might feature justice scales.

    But Limit the Use of Brand Messages and Corporate Logos

    Whether you go with full-out promotional branding will depend on the corporate business gift you select. Depending on the item, branding can compromise the appeal of the gift. Tote bags are a great opportunity to promote future events, for instance, but branding is not a good idea for a print that people will put on their wall.


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