Funny case protects your iPhone from falling face down and cracking the screen using Murphy’s Law

  • Thankfully, Japanese Twitter user @shin_spbv has given iPhone users a fool-proof way to protect their phone screens that uses the concept of Murphy’s Law: a case decorated to look like a piece of buttered toast.
  • So, by that theory, putting a case on your smartphone that looks exactly like an exceedingly realistic (and delicious-looking) piece of buttered toast should automatically save your smartphone from falling face down and smashing up its screen, because it will want to fall butter-side down instead, according to @shin_spbv.
  • Of course, in the case of toast and butter or jam, and quite possibly for this smartphone case as well, one could argue that the buttered side is always heavier, and that’s why it always falls face down.
  • August 21, 2017
    Of course, one could also make the argument that if what could go wrong is your smartphone’s

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