If you’re looking for an iPhone XS or XR Smart Battery Case, you shouldn’t get it from Apple

  • Apple is known for often favouring convenience and functionality over what might generally be regarded as a stylish hardware design, but even by those standards, the company’s official iPhone smart battery cases seem… unnecessarily ugly .
  • Commercially released several months after the iPhone XS , XS Max , and XR themselves, the three new battery life-enhancing accessories are available for $129 apiece from their Cupertino-based manufacturer.
  • Depending on your luck and where exactly you want Apple to ship the accessories, you may need to wait even longer, as delivery estimates range from the aforementioned date to July 17 at the time of this writing.
  • Anything official that makes their device catalog more convenient to use just runs into one problem after another, and it’s particularly unfortunate when it involves anything battery-related.

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