I’ve been using this Dagne Dover laptop sleeve in place of my previous $20 one – here’s why I’d pay $90 for it

  • I’d been using a purely functional $20 laptop case for two or three years before I started using one of Dagne Dover’s new laptop sleeves – and I’m so annoyed with myself for being too practical.
  • The Dagne Dover laptop sleeves are functional but sleeker, slimmer, and more stylish than my previous case.
  • Knowing I’ve used my previous case for so long and seeing how stylish something as simple as a laptop case can be, the $90 price tag is a worthwhile investment for something
  • Well, it wasn’t until I started testing the new Dagne Dover laptop sleeves that I realized function and fashion could – and should – co-exist in something so mundane and practical as a laptop case.
  • It’s definitely a lot more than what I paid for my previous case and what I’d want to pay for a laptop sleeve in general, but the specs, design, and durability sold me.

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