Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone battery case review – The Gadgeteer

  • Mophie’s juice pack air is a lightweight combination case and battery pack that protects your iPhone and gives it a little extra juice when you need it.
  • The “chin” of the case adds about 1/2″ of height and is primarily needed as a pass-through for the case’s Lightning port to the phone’s Lightning port.
  • Mophie added a bit of extra functionality to this area with forward-facing speaker holes, which basically serve to redirect the sound from the speakers on the bottom of the phone.
  • I’ve noticed that when trying to charge through the lightning port on the case, there is a strange loop of the case trying to decide to pass the power through to the phone or charge the case itself.
  • Through some wizardry, you can keep the case on your phone and still charge both the phone and case battery.

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