Reasons to Upgrade Your Laptop (That Go Beyond a Performance Upgrade)

  • In addition to year-on-year tweaks to make the latest laptop models more attractive, many technologies that used to be reserved for high-end models have permeated to the mainstream, including much better displays and resolutions, improved hardware efficiency and battery life, and overall better build quality even on lower price points.
  • Dell XPS or Lenovo ThinkPad / Yoga model (just to quote three very popular models that we have recommended in the past along with MacBooks), the gains in build and display quality are stunning.
  • Likewise, for productivity laptops that are competitively priced, most mainstream offerings no longer suffer from poor viewing angles or poor color reproduction, with many models using IPS panels which guarantees some degree of quality.
  • For an in-depth look at some of the newer laptop processors, check out some of our recent reviews, including this piece pitting Intel’s latest Core i7-9750H against the previous-gen i7-8750H — these are two typical processors used in performance-oriented laptops.
  • Let’s compare the Core i7-6567U (Skylake), Core i7-7567U (Kaby Lake), and Core i7-8559U (Coffee Lake).
  • While replacements for aging batteries cost less than a new laptop, you may benefit from the advanced technology used in more recent batteries.

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