The Galaxy S10 camera doesn’t look like a big step forward

  • Galaxy S10 lineup has a lot going for it, with an attractive new design and the company’s best software yet.
  • The main advantage of pro cameras is their vastly superior image quality, and on that topic Samsung had very little to say.
  • I’ve been a fan of ultrawide and telephoto phone cameras ever since LG and Apple introduced them respectively, and having both on the Galaxy S10 will be great.
  • Google is the undisputed smartphone camera leader right now even though the Pixel 3 includes just a single lens, and that’s because the company has put more time and effort than anyone into the field of computational photography.
  • For me, the best camera-related feature in the Galaxy S10 actually pertains to video: it can capture footage in HDR10+, a standard that Samsung has pushed more than anyone else as an open alternative to Dolby Vision.

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