Folders or Ring binders? Which is better to each of your work?

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I preferred the ring binders. They helped me to keep things organized and they let you store more paper for a given ring diameter.

When i was a student I tried different techniques.

I would keep notes in different notebooks. I would copy references and throw them in the notebooks too. I would organize the information using 3 ring binders and sheet protectors.
The best way to organize notes in college is to but a Organizer Portfolio Notebook Case for every subject. Then divide the notebook into two parts. When you are listening to your lecture, note the important points in one part of the notebook and then go back home and rewrite what you understood in the second half of the notes. In this way, you will be able to see what your teacher has said earlier and can also see your interpretation with clarity.

When I was an office worker.

Use ring binders padfolio, with pockets and plastic page protectors. Pick a different color for each subject. The page protectors do not let papers escape, so you won't lose your work. Pockets in the binder give you a place to stash worksheets, instructional documents etc… until you can file them, or complete them. Seperate binders mean you won't mix up subjects, and color variations of binders with make spotting a particular class notebook quick and easy.Whether it is a project or an important report or proposal to be submitted to the office, the ring binder padfolio will be of great help.

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